Casperia: A destination wedding in an Italian village on a hill

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There are times that words and images simply do no justice to a moment. 

We’re happy we have them, because - as our memories fade - they are the closest things we can draw from. That inside joke that had us in tears, the taste of the wine that magically heightened our senses, the smell of the fireworks as the entire village danced, a DJ that was at his peak. Each day that passes the details become blurrier… and we sadly forget.


I begin with this because these are the first thoughts that run through my mind as I try to write about Leigh-Anne and George’s Italian wedding. I covered this wedding last August and it was, to put it simply, very moving. 

Casperia is a picturesque village 60 kms outside of Rome that sits atop a hill. The village has a population that is sometimes north, sometimes south of 1,000. Its medieval walls are still up… so no cars pass and you can walk its cobblestoned roads from one end to the other in 10 minutes. It is truly one of those places that transport you to a different, simpler time. While sparsely populated, its inhabitants —both young and old — are vibrant.  Leigh-Anne and George may have only had twenty or so guests, but this may have been one of the larger weddings I have covered. We had a cCatholic processional during cocktail, a firework show, locals flood the ceremony from every wall to name a few moments. Even thought I was working the entire weekend, it also felt as if I was a guest of the wedding.

The weekend kicked off on a Friday with a cooking class that would ultimately be the meal for the rehearsal dinner. The wedding day fell on a Catholic festival day, so there were local festivities sprinkled in and capped off with a firework display just above the dinner table — one long table that seated all guests on the terrace. Because the terrace was also one of the public squares, and next to the main restaurant, it quickly became one big social area. 

Thank you Leigh-Anne and George for allowing us to be a part of your special weekend in Italia. Check out their wedding film below.

I hope it allows you a glimpse of that special weekend and jogs a few of your own travel memories you may have forgotten. 

Philipe Carvalho