An intimate weekend in Greece


Things do not always go according to plan. 

To say things did not go to plan for our bride Jasmine is quite the understatement. For over a year, she has been planning a beautiful destination wedding in Turks & Caicos. I had just met with her a few months before the big date and the excitement was contagious. Then an unexpected natural disaster hit and the island was no longer a viable option. 

This would undoubtedly frustrate the best of us. The silver lining was that the resort is part of a family of resorts worldwide (Amanzoe), so she was able to transfer her wedding to another location that just happened to have an opening. Catch was that it was halfway across the world in Greece, and she had a month to replan. 

The success of this wedding is testament to their attitude and resourcefulness of Jasmine, her fiancé Ellis and their planner, Kia. Looking back you have to just say, “wow”.


We were happy to play a small part in this adventurous journey; sometimes the unplanned can be — in hindsight - some of the most memorable.

We embarked on a journey to Athens and spent three days with Jasmine, Ellis and twenty-three others. We drove down the coast to Porto Hello for this weekend of celebrations and the breathtaking views. To quote our bride, she was able to do it because she clearly “…develop[ed] a list of negotiable and non-negotiables — your wedding planner should know exactly what you want and what you can live without.” When you know this, you can handle adversity in stride and still pull off something spectacular. In this case, sharing an intimate weekend with your closest friends and family against a beautiful backdrop.

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Check out the wedding preview and film for a glimpse at this unbelievable weekend that featured a candle-lit rehearsal dinner in an amphitheater and one for he most spectacular ceremony backdrops. 

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See below for the Preview:

And the full film:

Philipe Carvalho