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We’re a crew that Philipe has created. This means we’re not picking up random freelancers based on availability, but that Philipe has trained a group that understands his aesthetic. We believe video is a crew-driven medium, so having a consistent team is an important element for us. This is the full time job for these guys. Because of this, you’re able to trust that the quality and service you get is consistent.


We’re there to capture the atmosphere of the day so you can re-live it. We use a photo journalistic element. The look of love in a person’s eye, the intricacies of your dress and how it flows on you, the embrace you hold when no one is looking. Our goal is to capture missed moments, small details, and organic emotions. It’s our job to make sure we’re telling your story the best and most beautiful way we can. We love dramatic shots, and keep this aesthetic consistent throughout our work. We want you to know that what we are producing is organic and authentic.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

Philipe is an editor first and foremost. By selecting Mirar, you are fulling trusting our eye and vision. We want you to be 110% happy with final product. We are collaborative, but select certain shots and elements because they create a compelling narrative. We shoot to edit, and we’re building your edit from the first time we meet.  Since we are editors at heart, the editing heavily influences the final outcome. We craft the piece as if it’s a sculpture. We chisel away until we get the perfect story in the way it should be presented. Because of our full time crew, you know you’re getting the quality and consistency you really deserve.


212 South Marion Street
Oak Park, IL, 60302
United States

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